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  • WHITE PAPER: The Linnworks Total Commerce Guide to Growth

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    According to recent Linnworks consumer research, over 90% of shoppers start their product search on a marketplace and 76% have made impulse purchases via social channels due to the ease of purchase.

    For retailers to be successful in the new, effortless economy, they need to be available to customers on whatever channel they prefer to shop, and on whatever device they have in hand. While it sounds like a challenge for retailers, as shopping and social platforms evolve to offer more ways to sell, this also presents significant opportunities for retailers to put their products in front of more and more shoppers. 

    In the new Linnworks Total Commerce Guide to Growth, discover the biggest opportunities to expand your selling channels, what the benefits and challenges of each channel are, and how these ever-expanding range of commerce channels can fit together to drive your sales growth and customer loyalty.

    In this guide, discover the vast opportunity to scale up and find new customers locally and internationally with marketplaces. Whether you choose a global marketplace like Amazon or Alibaba, where you can quickly drive sales and revenue growth, or niche marketplaces that specialize in a specific vertical like fashion, these offer ready made selling channels with a large base of active customers. The evolution of selling opportunities on social platforms is another way to put your products in front of highly engaged audiences. As ecommerce capabilities on social channels evolve at a rapid pace, selling on social means actively seeking out an audience for your products rather than waiting for them to discover you.    

    Private label selling and B2B ecommerce are more rapidly growing selling channels that offer brands the ability to expand their reach into new markets. In the Linnworks Total Commerce Guide to Growth, discover more about these established and emerging selling opportunities, and the key steps you need to take to grow your customer base with new selling channels. 

    Get the Linnworks Total Commerce guide to Growth. 

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