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  • The Hidden $20.3 Billion: The cost of disconnected payments

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    How can your payments perform better? And what can you do to stop leaving money on the table? decided to find out.

    In partnership with Oxford Economics, analyzed data from 5,000 consumers and 1,500 merchants to piece together this complex puzzle.

    Black Boxes and Paradoxes: The True Cost of Disconnected Payments’s exclusive report shines a light on the biggest untapped payments opportunities for companies today. It reveals what customers are willing to pay for more secure transactions and how fast-growing brands like Deliveroo and TransferWise, approach payments.

    Report insights:

    • False declines cost merchants $20.3 billion last year, with $12.7 billion given away to competitors and $7.6 billion -written off
    • 60% of merchants don’t think that their payments data that they receive is robust enough to inform their business strategy nor their innovation
    • Super high growth (41%+ year on year) companies are more likely to have an authorization rate of 96-100% than other businesses

    Who are’s flexible payments solutions help global enterprises — like Samsung and adidas — adapt, innovate and thrive with more value from every transaction flowing through your business. They’re on a mission to empower merchants by building the connected finance they deserve.

    Download the report now to discover the hidden value of payments.

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