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  • Successful brands ‘prioritise first-party data and advertising agility’

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    Gartner has released a list of Genius Brands within its latest Gartner Digital IQ Index, identifying the best-in-class brands across 15 industries, with forty-five of the 1,402 brands analysed categorised as ‘Genius this year.

    On average, Genius Brands achieved 10.9x more site traffic than their peers in 2022 and grew their revenue by 8.6% in 2021 relative to 2020.

    For each brand, Gartner measures hundreds of data points across four key marketing dimensions – site, digital marketing channels, social media and path to purchase – in a quest to quantify a brand’s digital aptitude and digital maturity relative to its industry peers. The best-in-class brands in each industry are categorized as “Genius Brands.”

    “Understanding what Genius Brands collectively do better than their peers can help CMOs develop roadmaps and leverage best-practices to improve their own brands’ digital maturity,” said Matt Moorut, Director Analyst in the Gartner Marketing practice.

    There are three key differences that set Genius Brands apart from their peers:

    1. Greater agility in adjusting media and content strategies with evolving customer sentiment and behavior. Genius Brands served 6.6x more desktop display ad impressions than peers in 2022 and achieved 9.0x more desktop display traffic.
    2. Higher prioritization of and transparency with first-party data acquisition, providing greater transparency and clarity on how data will be handled to help customers with key tasks. Genius Brands are 2.2x more likely to use interactive tools enabling data acquisition on their mobile sites.
    3. A more-evident focus on customer journey orchestration, delivering site experiences that garner greater engagement by curating journeys that map to their audience needs. On average, Genius Brand websites achieved a lower bounce rate, deeper site journeys and higher numbers of return visitors on both mobile and desktop devices in 2022.

    Table 1. The 2022-2023 Gartner Genius Brands

    Industry Brands
    Auto Toyota, Ford, Honda
    Consumer Goods Scotts, Clorox, Finish
    Food and Beverage Gatorade, Haagen-Dazs, Coca-Cola
    Hospitals and Health Systems Sutter Health, Baylor Scott and White Health, New York-Presbyterian
    Industrials and Chemicals John Deere, Caterpillar, Benjamin Moore
    Insurance State Farm, Geico, Liberty Mutual Insurance
    Luxury Retail Dior, Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton
    Monobrand Retail Samsung, Nike, Dell
    Multibrand Retail Target, Amazon, The Home Depot
    Personal Care Maybelline, CeraVe, Pampers
    Personal Media Devices DexCom, Invisalign, FreeStyle
    PharmaRx Dupixent, Cosentyx, Ozempic
    Retail Banking Capital One, Discover Bank, Navy Federal Insurance
    Travel and Hospitality Domino’s, Vrbo, Starbucks
    Wealth and Asset Management Fidelity Investments, Charles Schwab, E-Trade

    The Gartner Digital IQ Index is an annual ranking of brands within a given industry based on digital investments and performance.

    Gartner indexed 1,402 brands for the 2022-2023 Digital IQ studies across 15 industries.

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