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  • SIBF leads $4 million Seed round for payment orchestration startup BridgerPay

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    BridgerPay, payments orchestration software that boosts online businesses’ payments capabilities with one API, dynamic checkout, and a single admin interface to manage all transactions, routes, and rules of the business in real-time, has raised $4 million in a Seed round of funding.

    The bootstrapped company has been active for two years with an impressive and steady growth of subscriptions. This investment will enable BridgerPay to expand its efforts by continuing to build out its sales and R&D teams. The most recent funding round was led by SIBF and Nati Harpaz (former CEO), with the participation of prominent investors including Oded Edelman, President of, as well as Gabby and Hezi Leibovich, Australian-based investors with multiple successful exits, and several angel investors from the Fintech and eCommerce industry.

    BridgerPay provides a single API that integrates with all major payment processing providers and methods used by small, medium, and enterprise businesses. The API enables on-demand connectivity to any payment method globally, reducing the required tech resources and increasing cart conversion with a seamless and dynamic checkout. This Payment-as-a-Service software provides an agnostic, quick, low cost, and personalized solution to manage and optimize any online business’s payments flow, and can be up and running in a matter of hours. BridgerPay solves a universal challenge in online payments which addresses a huge market size of eCommerce, travel, SaaS companies, and more, providing an all-in-one API-based platform to increase approval ratios and reduce cart abandonment.

    Ran Cohen, CEO of BridgerPay, said: “We’re really excited to have new partners and funding to continue building the next generation of payments orchestration software. Also, we’re happy and grateful to have such supportive customers to join us on this ride.page1image36719424

    We are determined to bring the quality and ease of use to enterprises and SMBs alike. For businesses to effectively improve the way they manage payments, they must love the tools they use, and that is our goal at BridgerPay. The results the platform creates in increasing processing volumes of online businesses are incredible. This, together with the freedom and flexibility it brings to companies, is leading to the widespread adoption of BridgerPay across all verticals.”

    BridgerPay’s primary customers at this time are eCommerce and online retail merchants, fintechs, and travel companies looking for a custom PCI Level 1 payments platform to easily connect, manage and optimize their payments. BridgerPay provides a single orchestration layer that harmonizes their entire payments data, reports, and approval ratios. By having up-to-the-minute payments data fed directly into their decision-making systems, online businesses can make more informed and timely decisions to increase revenue and reduce costs.

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