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  • OnBuy launches Boost to increase seller exposure

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    Online marketplace OnBuy has launched a new service called Boost, which it says is designed to help sellers gain more exposure and improve the visibility, rank and placement of their listings.

    Cas Paton, founder and managing director of the popular online marketplace, said: “Our Boost service will bring a wealth of benefits to our sellers. Boosted listings will be placed in prominent positions across OnBuy’s product and category pages and in search results, helping increase the visibility of listings so they sell and thus earn greater rank on OnBuy. What’s most exciting is that sellers keep the rank they’ve earned – even if they end Boost.”

    The Boost fee is only applicable when a sale is made directly through a sponsored listing, with no additional costs for non-sponsored sales.

    Paton added: “Boost enables sellers to achieve greater visibility beyond OnBuy as well. The entire Boost fee is used to market their products even harder – this is a significant benefit as listings will gain more visibility in paid marketing channels. For sellers looking to drive more sales and increase visibility (all at fixed costs), Boost is definitely worth using.”

    OnBuy says initial data shows its sales are up 37.6% since the launch of Boost earlier this month, as it seeks to establish its position as a serious contender against the major names in the space.

    One of OnBuy’s USPs is that it does not compete with sellers by selling its own stock – it connects buyers with thousands of professional business sellers directly.

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