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  • Connect, Manage, Optimize: The three pillars of payment orchestration explained

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    Payment orchestration is getting more and more buzz in the digital payments world. It will soon become a requirement in the software stack of businesses trading internationally. This article from BridgerPay will walk you through the three principles that make payment orchestration the invaluable tool it is…

    Payment orchestration is not just a buzzword. It’s a layer of software that works between the end-user and the Payment Service Providers (PSPs, find more about those here) to keep every transaction seamless, secure, and provide the best possible customer experience. All businesses must operate with a customer-centric logic, and our years of research and experience have shown that the client’s confidence in the payment process is the number one reason for a successful conversion. This is exactly what a payment orchestration software does, and BridgerPay does it better than anyone else. Keep reading to find out what payment orchestration is all about and how it will benefit your business from day 1.


    While it is true that the world is growing increasingly globalized and connected, local geographies (not to mention individual user preferences) are more relevant than ever. This axiom is especially true when dealing with payments. When money is involved, customers want to feel comfortable and safe in spending it. Our extensive data analysis has shown that being comfortable with the purchasing flow is the number one reason for successful conversions. BridgerPay gives you access to 350+ PSPs with just one API integration, this allows you to:

    • Choose the PSPs that offer the best features and rates in any given situation. This allows you to improve your margins on each and every sale
    • Offer your customers the local payment methods they know, love, and feel safe using. Make your transaction experience finally user-centric in just a few clicks
    • Shift towards a fraud-proof payment infrastructure by using local payment methods (read about the risk of cross-border transactions in our article here)
    • Increase safety with our PCI Level 1 compliant checkout. Eliminate the costly need for PCI scoping and add a cool-looking checkout with your brand’s look and feel
    • Bridger Safe is our advanced tokenization technology to safely store your customers’ data. It will never travel through your servers, enhancing security and adding to your users’ peace of mind


    There is nothing worse than having the best tools at your disposal and not being able to manage them. This is also true when it comes to digital payments. BridgerPay not only gives your access to a world of PSPs but also lets you manage them to make them fit perfectly into your business logic.

    • Bridger Admin lets you connect to any PSP in a matter of minutes. Just a few clicks, no coding required
    • Manage all refunds, payouts, and subscriptions directly from Bridger Admin or from our API. No need to login into every PSP’s back office
    • With Bridger Router you can choose what PSPs your users see during checkout based on their location, currency, sale amount, and dozens of other custom filters. Boost your conversion rates by giving your customers exactly the payment method they want
    • Should you have any problems, our world-class customer support will be there for you. When we say “any problems”, we mean it. You won’t need to access any of your PSPs’ support centers anymore


    Like with any operation, once it’s up and running, you have to keep striving to achieve perfection. BridgerPay empowers you to do that for your payment stack. Optimization is the most powerful part of payment orchestration and lets you be always in control and constantly improve your margin and boost your revenue.

    • Rescue transactions declined for technical reasons with Bridger Retry™. Our proprietary technology automatically submits a declined transaction to a different provider until it’s processed. Rescue more than 20% of declined transactions. Your customers won’t notice a thing, so you will be able to increase both revenue and retention!
    • Empower your customers to take control of their spending. PayWith™ lets your customers split their purchase across a few different PSPs, while Split Payments allows them to complete the purchase in installments. Flexibility is something everyone loves, and your users will surely be happy to have it!
    • Get centralized insights with Bridger Reports. Our reporting engine lets you do in one click what would normally take a huge spreadsheet full of complicated formulas. Report on all your transactions, independently of the source, directly in BridgerPay, without the need to download separate reports and collate them. Make the right decisions in a fraction of the time
    • Bridger BI gives you world-class intel. We analyze millions of transactions worldwide to give you industry-leading data that will help you choose the best PSPs for any given scenario, ultimately boosting your conversions, revenue, and customer retention

    There it is. Payment orchestration and its three fundamental pillars. Take control of your payments, cut costs, and increase revenue with BridgerPay.

    Payment orchestration is a software layer that is quickly becoming the standard for businesses that wish to expand, grow, and be future-proof to be able to face all the challenges presented by digital payments. Many businesses of all sizes are already adopting it with incredible success (a few examples are here and here) Don’t get left behind, start orchestrating your payments now.

    Get in touch now, we’ll show you around and we’ll get you started with a free trial.

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