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  • Retail Report: ‘Merchants need to adapt to changing nature of digital consumption’

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    Retailers are working in an increasingly challenging environment. The aftereffects of the pandemic, inflationary pressures in supply chains, and the looming cost of living crisis create the perfect storm of uncertainty.

    That’s one of the key findings from’s latest Global Retailers Handbook, but it’s not all bad news. The report says that if the past two years have taught retailers anything, it’s that agility and speed can turn adversity into opportunity.

    Yet, whereas progress in the past has been about making significant investments and bold plans, today’s narrative is around frugal innovation. The report says that by focussing on the fundamentals and optimising the basics, data suggests that retailers can do a lot more with what they already have.

    The Global Retailers Handbook makes a case for the continued need for retailers to analyze and optimise every aspect of their ecommerce experience as consumers become more deeply connected to digital shopping and payments.

    Explore some of the key findings:

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