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  • 76% of shoppers say convenience is the key priority in choosing an online retailer

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    But what does convenience mean to the consumer, and what does this mean for retailers building an online shopping experience?

    Today’s ecommerce marketplace continues to grow at an astounding rate. This growth has resulted from an accelerated shift from brick-and-mortar stores to online shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic — creating an ‘always-on’ experience for consumers. In the new, effortless economy, customers expect to shop when and how they want. Whether it’s searching on a marketplace, or discovering new products in their social feed, shoppers are increasingly influenced by convenience and a frictionless purchase journey.

    Linnworks latest research whitepaper unpacks the five key customer experience trends that will drive your online selling strategy in 2021. From frictionless interactions at every touchpoint, to payment flexibility and shipping and returns policies on the customer’s terms, discover why convenience underpins the five key trends in ecommerce customer experience, and how optimizing these touchpoints will help you capture every selling opportunity in the new, effortless economy.

    Every point of interaction is a chance to win over the consumer – and if a retailer gets it right, your customers will reward you with increased order values,  more frequent purchases and greater customer loyalty.

    Get Linnworks’ latest online shopper research whitepaper. 

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