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  • WEBINAR REWIND: Creating a Winning SCA Strategy in 2021

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    Don’t worry if you missed last week’s insightful Signifyd webinar, Creating a Winning SCA Strategy in 2021 – you can now re-watch the entire session online.

    Here’s the premise: As if the challenges of COVID weren’t enough for online retailers to cope with, the second phase of the payments services directive continues, bringing with it its requirements for stronger customer authentication.

    This comes with a cost – the cost of compliance, new technologies, training, and potentially negative customer impact. But with that cost also comes opportunity – The opportunity to rethink checkout processes and optimise payments for better conversion than ever before.

    Signifyd’s Senior Product Manager of Payment Solutions Shagun Varshney and guest speaker, Forrester Analyst Jacob Morgan, take a deep dice into the issues, covering:-

    • The current state of play for SCA in Europe
    • What ecommerce merchants can learn from their predecessors – the banks – through
      earlier implementations
    • How you can build an exemption strategy to protect your customers and your
      revenue now
    • Best-practice authentication strategies for the most seamless experiences in
      the long-term

    The 60 minute session is now available online in full – Click here to watch now.

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