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  • Unveil an omnichannel customer experience in E-commerce with an integrated supply chain: InspireXT’s remarkable journey to success

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    In today’s hyper-digital and social media-driven landscape, our buying preferences and aspirations are profoundly shaped by the experiences we encounter on our preferred channels. As a result, leading multi-channel retailers and E-commerce powerhouses are prioritising the seamless availability of their products across all channels also known as an omnichannel experience, thus, providing customers with accessible and captivating purchasing experiences.

    Omnichannel Transformation: Evolution and Impact

    Since its inception in 2010, the concept of omnichannel and the associated technologies have undergone significant transformations. For online retailers, an omnichannel customer experience can deliver a cohesive and personalised journey that caters to buyer preferences, increased engagement, and higher conversions across various channels.

    Supply chain and omnichannel: A disconnected affair

    Lack of integration between e-commerce and supply chain systems has resulted in a poor omnichannel experience, causing issues such as inventory inaccuracies, delayed order fulfillment, and inconsistent customer communication.

    Revolutionising online jewelry retail with InspireXT’s groundbreaking omnichannel transformation

    InspireXT’s client, a 130-year old diamond exploration, mining, and global marketing company wanted to revolutionise their online customer purchasing experience while upholding their social, ethical, and environmental values related to diamond sourcing.

    InspireXT implemented a unified supply chain common process model, seamlessly connecting omnichannel touchpoints like ecommerce, point of sale (POS), and marketplaces, with in-house customer service and back-end order management systems. Leveraging our profound expertise in supply chain processes and strategic integration between Salesforce and Oracle, InspireXT elevated the value chain to new heights.

    InspireXT achieved a 30% increase in online sales conversions enabling a comprehensive view of inventory across channels. Improved stock management led to enhanced fulfillment rates, accurate deliveries, and reduced working capital.

    InspireXT: A trusted partner for end-to-end value chain solutions

    InspireXT provides end-to-end value chain solutions that blend digital and physical experiences by seamlessly integrating external touchpoints, internal systems, and fulfillment infrastructure. Leveraging platforms like Salesforce and Oracle, along with our cross-platform AI tools, we skillfully implement outcome-focused solutions for an integrated connected experience.

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