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  • The evolution of the 3D-Secure protocol: from 3DS to 3DS 2.2

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    New rules for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) came into effect in most European countries during 2021. Part of this mandate has been to use 3DS to authenticate payments. Since the first version of this technology was created there have been continuous improvements that have started to align security concerns with those of customer friction.

    In October 2022, the major schemes have announced, issuers and acquirers will be required to support the enhanced standard for securing online payments (EMV 3DS 2.2) in Europe. Businesses that want to stay ahead of the curve should start considering how it will impact their SCA strategy now.

    How will the new standard allow businesses to secure more successful sales, with fewer declines and disputed payments? We explain the background to strong customer authentication and why the new, enhanced 3DS 2.2 version of the standard is a game-changer.

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