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    By eDesk

    A global pandemic and events such as the Ever Given saga have shone a light on the connected nature of the eCommerce ecosystem as our industry flexes and adapts to balance supply and demand.

    But in the highly competitive era of same day shipping and growing customer demands, online sellers need to respond to customer queries faster than ever before.

    Meeting consumer expectations for exceptional customer support no matter where in the buyer journey they require it, means that online sellers need access to up to date information from marketplaces, webstores, support email and communications, social media, tracking, shipping and reporting channels. Enabling real time access to data in such a complicated technical stack can be difficult.

    10 years ago Apple trademarked the phrase ‘there’s an app for that’ and the same can be said for the interconnected functions that support eCommerce.

    To make it simpler for digital retailers to offer the end-to-end customer service that buyers expect, eDesk has launched its App Store. With over 70 native integrations covering more of the eCommerce landscape than any other customer support SaaS, eDesk helps online retailers to resolve customer queries quicker.

    By connecting all the apps used to sell, support and fulfil goods into a dashboard view of the buyer’s journey, eDesk makes it easier for customer support agents to respond to emails, chat, social queries and calls, all inside one turbo charged helpdesk.

    Our centralised inbox helps multichannel eCommerce businesses to simplify their tech stacks with our App Store, and automated messaging and reporting tools help them scale customer support as their businesses grow.

    Successfully managing a tech stack in a complicated ecosystem is essential to a brand’s positive reputation, but it does not have to be difficult. eDesk can support your eCommerce business as it grows.

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