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  • REPORT: Fixing failed deliveries, make faulty fulfilment a thing of the past

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    In its latest report, loqate takes a deep dive to understand the true business cost of faulty fulfilment and discover the simple steps to help stamp out failed deliveries for good….

    The Covid-19 pandemic has prompted a surge in consumers buying products and services online, accelerating a trend that was already well underway.

    As a result, business is brisk across borders, with 54% of firms reporting an increase in international orders during the past 12 months.

    But this boom in business has posed certain challenges for retailers – most notably, the issue of late or failed deliveries.

    To get to the root of this all-too-common frustration, Loqate has surveyed 3,000 global online shoppers and 300 retail executives to bring you its latest report: Fixing Failed Deliveries.

    The report reveals:

    • The financial impact of faulty fulfilment for retailers across the globe
    • The problems posed by disgruntled customers and the top five retail categories that are most likely to let them down
    • The top five frustrations customers face when buying online
    • Tips to help retailers deliver to customers first time, every time
    • 10 questions retailers should be asking when talking to a potential addressing provider

    Download your copy of the report here.

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