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Kate Nightingale, Chief Behavioural Officer, Humanising Brands

“How to use consumer psychology to make ecommerce your powerhouse”

In this session Kate Nightingale, consumer psychologist, Chief Behavioural Officer and lecturer, will take you on a journey through the depths and secrets of the human brain and we will together explore how it applies to creating a truly impactful and effective customer experience on your ecommerce sites.

  • The current and the future consumer behaviour trends through the lens of psychology
  • How does the human brain make decisions?
  • How to apply it to the design, interactivity and UX of your ecommerce sites?
  • Leaving your customers wanting more…

Lulu Simpson,Influencer Marketing Executive,The Hut Group – Beauty

“How affiliate influencers can boost your business”

  • The power of influence
  • De-influencer
  • Influencer vs De-influencer
  • TikTok trends & case study
  • What this means for business & moving forward

Oliver Kenyon, Co-Founder – ConversionWise

“Destination, Conversion: How to turn clicks into customers”

Oliver will delve into the crucial principles required to transform clicks into customers, drawing from over a decade of A/B testing and billions of dollars in data. He will unveil the core principles and frameworks underpinning high-converting pages, enriched with real-world case studies. Experience a revelation as Oliver lays bare the mechanics of effective digital conversions, amalgamating theory with proven practical insights.

  • Key conversion principles
  • Proven frameworks
  • Actionable insights
  • Case studies
  • Live examples